Sunday, 11 December 2016

1. What I Eat In A Day - Saturday


I like foods and can I say that eating is actually my hobby? Ya, I know maybe its everyone's hobby also. LOL. In order to show some appreciation towards foods that I ate, I wanted to keep those memories and sweet moments between me and you(foods) here. I hope that our sweet memories and moments together will always be remember and I can look into it whenever I miss you (foods of course).

I woke up quite late because I cannot sleep yesterday's night remember? Sobs. Luckily it's weekend, so thank you weekend for saving my day. And I'm just having a glass of plain water for a breakfast. Yeah so healthy I know. Urgh

Since breakfast just now quite boring, let's go for lunch guys. Hopefully it's better than breakfast erm....?
Yeah it's actually wayyy better because we went out to search some foods. No time to cook. Toooo hungryyyyyyy. hehe. And when you are hungry, yes you tend to have that thought that you want to eat A LOT. Sigh. When we, by the way it's me and my sister reached at the restaurant (Old Town), I ordered for a Chicken Chop since I was craving for it quite some time. And at that time I dont feel like to eat rice so yeah, Chicken Chop with Blackpepper sauce. Yummmmmm...! Luckily I didn't ordered side dish because the portion for my Chicken Chop is quite BIG and I couldn't finish it! Greedy me. Sigh again. But nevertheless, it's yummmmmy and I am full. Burrpppp!

Now It's dinner time! And no foods at home. My mother didn't cook since there's a wedding at our neighbour's. So,I cooked just an instant noodle to fill up the tank in my stomach. Craved some spicy and sour food, I put quite a lot of chillies, some cherry tomatoes and salad. By the way, the instant noodles is tom yam flavour. Marvellous!

So yeah, that's basically what I eat in a day. But please, this is not what I eat everyday. Each day is unique. Sometimes it can be too healthy and MOST of the time it is NOT. Lolololol..!

Ok Till then? Bye!

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