Thursday, 15 December 2016

[WORK] Chapter 1 - Introduction

Work. Go to work then go back from work. Sleep. Wake up from sleep to go to work. When work finished can go back home from work. And the cycle continue from MonNAY to FriYAY. Worst part when the cycle keep on moving even on weekend ie on Saturday AND Sunday. What a pity! What a life!

This is a stories about WORK. Stories about LIFE. Not a typical love novel stories that has been created from the author's imagination which is sometimes is not real and way too cheesy to be relate with our daily life. But this is a fact that we can see and may be experienced it ourself. This is a realistic stories about life. Realistic here means when you read the stories from this series, indirectly it will stab to your heart that YOU actually gone through exactly the same things! Because, this is our stories. Stories about life.

To be continued...

Sugar to kick off the day!

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