Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tips on How to Excel In a Job Interview

Hello Job seekers!

Relax, keep calm and read my blog! I have a few tips on how to excel an interview. But before that, let me stress here, this is only from my perspectives and based on my experiences. So you guys can take notes and apply it but there is no need to follow exactly 100% what i am going to tell you. Just take what you think is necessary, but as for me I would say that all of the things that I am going to share are important, well at least FOR ME and MYSELF. ;)

Your resume has got you through the door and now it's time for you to sell your skills, your experiences if any, your personality and overall to sell YOURSELF. And in order to present yourself, you need to be WELL PREPARED. Spending time preparing for an interview will increase the confidence and will make you able to answer all of the questions - this will give a good first impressions and show that you know your stuff.

But before that, let me tell you a little bit of my story about my first interview and my first job. Well, yes my first job was coming from my first interview. *Proud* (Rolling eyes). That was my first interview AND I got the job ! Ok enough bragging.

It's a fasting month, I just finished my studies and looking for a job. I mean a real job. So, in a meantime I was helping my neighbour selling chicken rice at Ramadhan Bazaar and been paid for a MYR 20 per day. One day while I was cutting a cucumber or maybe a carrot for a stuffed tofu (yes my neighbour not only selling chicken rice but there's a lot more), I got a call from this one multinational company from a banking line industry. I was very happy like nobody's business that I got a job interview! You know, when you've got called for an interview it's like 70% you will definitely get the job. The other 30% is depends on how well you perform in your interview session.

I do not want to tell the rest of the journey on how I got the job. But I do want to share some tips on how to excel in interview session. Again I repeat, this is merely based on my experiences and it might worked for me, but might not worked with the others.


1. Do Not forget to bring your Resume or Profile. And of course bring along all of your certificates & slip results as well. Put all together in a simple & elegant file. I mean the file should not be so fancy la ok?

2. Clothes. Do not wear jeans. Please get something formal to wear. Blouse, Baju kurung, baju kebaya & etc. Shoes if possible wear something higher a bit. 1 to 2 inch heels is good enough. Just to look more sophisticated. AND sexy is a NO NO NO unless if you apply for a pub's job..Err

3. Do some research about the company because employer might want to see whether you really interested to work with the company. So, whenever they ask you about the company, you can answer it like a finger picking!

4. The most important things while attending an interview is, just be CONFIDENT! Confident is the key and don't forget to be yourself!

5. BUT please do not over confident *wink*

6. Keep calm and answer all of the questions

7. Recite a Bismillah or calming heart du'a

8. Can recite zikr also to soften the interviewer heart to accept you as the employee

9. But again the most important thing just be confident!

10. Do not tell lies

11. Effort is there, now just pray to God

12. After pray to God, then just accept whatever God has planned for you. Allah knows best!

Ok that's all that I can recall. Good luck! :)

That's me photographer of the day, got that job without interview. LOL

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