Monday, 2 January 2017

Eat Healthy for Beginners

How to start to eat healthy?

Note I : This is what I'm planning to do and my to-do-list in order to achieved one of my goals ie [Eat Healthier]

Note II : Drink is part of Eating. Eat healthier consists of Drink healthier also. OK?

Keep hydrating
Drink more plain water. I think I'm going to bring my own water bottle, of course with plain water in it to everywhere I go. So that I can always remember to drink water. Drinks a lot makes u pee? Worry not. That's basically a detox process. Just be positive, your body will going to adapt with the situation, just go to pee whenever you want to. It removes all the toxins and rubbish in your body. In that way, it will cleanse your inner side of your body and when your body is cleaned from toxins, it will naturally makes you glowing effortlessly. To drink more plain water, I need to reduce my sweet drinks intake. I cannot completely stop drinking chocolate ice or milky tea ice for example, because sometimes I do craved for it. So yeah, make it less.

This coconut shake I cannot avoid whenever I go to Malacca because it's sooo yummyyy!


I think I'm going to buy a specific blender for juices and smoothies. And I will make more juices and smoothies especially for my breakfast. Not only delicious but it is also healthy & good for a digestion process as well. So yeah, buy a new blender.

I need to start having breakfast. I keep skipping breakfast because I keep waking up late, rushing up getting ready for work & being late at work . Such a bad habit. So in order for me to have my breakfast, I need to WAKE UP EARLY! I can just blend mixed fruits and make a smoothies for my breakfast. I can prepare cutting all the fruits and all the ingredients that I want to mix together, the night before. Yes, this is easy. I can do this, come on lah! I will try to generate new ideas for easy, delicious & most importantly healthy for my breakfast. Wait and see!

Eat more vegetables!

Home Cook
Try more recipes of healthy foods and make myself expert by practicing! I shall cook more often at home since obviously it is more healthy because you know what you put in your foods and at the same time I can save a lot of money as well. Will going to stop eating fast foods and instant noodles. Luckily I am not a big fan of this two kind of foods eventhough I do ate it, hence it's not a big issue for me to stop eating those. I hope.

My meatless curry spaghetti cooked with LOVE!

Hurm, I think that's enough for a beginner like me. One step at a time.

Eat smart and love yourself!


  1. me dah seminggu new year. Azam nak clean eating masih tersekat lagi... sigh...

  2. menyelerakan btol tgk spageti tu..fav . :-)