Thursday, 27 April 2017

Melaka trip

I wanted to go to Malacca again since I really freaking missed the Klebang coconut shake. My friend had 3 cups of coconut shake at that time. Everyday must have coconut shake or else you feel something incomplete in your life. LOL! Last time I went to Malacca to attend Bella's wedding and I did not manage to go to some other places due to time constraint.

Places that I have already visited:

Malacca Strait Mosque

The mosque, front view

Ship museum

Inside of the museum. I would suggest to get the audio instruction as it will be a lot more interesting

River Cruise at Malacca River

Malacca river view from ship museum

Submarine museum

Aisyu and sam in front of the submarine museum

Taming Sari Tower

View from Taming Sari Tower

Hurm, what else yaa? I supposed to write about the trip on this blog the moment after the trip as the memory still strong at that time. Well I supposed. Too late babe. I did not include here where we ate because I TOTALLY FORGOT. Kah! It was last year la bro. Please understand.

And..! Recently me and my colleagues went to Malacca for a short trip. I just go to the places that I haven't go. So will blog about it later.Maybe tomorrow. Don't worry its not going to be next year. I guess. Erk!

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