Monday, 2 January 2017

Eat Healthy for Beginners

How to start to eat healthy?

Note I : This is what I'm planning to do and my to-do-list in order to achieved one of my goals ie [Eat Healthier]

Note II : Drink is part of Eating. Eat healthier consists of Drink healthier also. OK?

Keep hydrating
Drink more plain water. I think I'm going to bring my own water bottle, of course with plain water in it to everywhere I go. So that I can always remember to drink water. Drinks a lot makes u pee? Worry not. That's basically a detox process. Just be positive, your body will going to adapt with the situation, just go to pee whenever you want to. It removes all the toxins and rubbish in your body. In that way, it will cleanse your inner side of your body and when your body is cleaned from toxins, it will naturally makes you glowing effortlessly. To drink more plain water, I need to reduce my sweet drinks intake. I cannot completely stop drinking chocolate ice or milky tea ice for example, because sometimes I do craved for it. So yeah, make it less.

This coconut shake I cannot avoid whenever I go to Malacca because it's sooo yummyyy!


I think I'm going to buy a specific blender for juices and smoothies. And I will make more juices and smoothies especially for my breakfast. Not only delicious but it is also healthy & good for a digestion process as well. So yeah, buy a new blender.

I need to start having breakfast. I keep skipping breakfast because I keep waking up late, rushing up getting ready for work & being late at work . Such a bad habit. So in order for me to have my breakfast, I need to WAKE UP EARLY! I can just blend mixed fruits and make a smoothies for my breakfast. I can prepare cutting all the fruits and all the ingredients that I want to mix together, the night before. Yes, this is easy. I can do this, come on lah! I will try to generate new ideas for easy, delicious & most importantly healthy for my breakfast. Wait and see!

Eat more vegetables!

Home Cook
Try more recipes of healthy foods and make myself expert by practicing! I shall cook more often at home since obviously it is more healthy because you know what you put in your foods and at the same time I can save a lot of money as well. Will going to stop eating fast foods and instant noodles. Luckily I am not a big fan of this two kind of foods eventhough I do ate it, hence it's not a big issue for me to stop eating those. I hope.

My meatless curry spaghetti cooked with LOVE!

Hurm, I think that's enough for a beginner like me. One step at a time.

Eat smart and love yourself!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

OMG I can't believe that today is a year of 2017 already! Time flies so fast I tell you. Like a blink of an eye!

As usual, new year always comes together with a new resolutions OR renew one like what my friends always said. She doesn't have a new resolutions but she just renew it. LOL!

There's a lot of things that I did not manage to do for the past couple of decades due to unallowed circumstances. But seriously there's a lot of things that I wanted to do. A Lot. I WILL do it this year. I WILL. YES, I WILL.

Here it goes:

1. Wake up early every morning even on holiday.

2. Exercise on regular basis.

3. Go to hiking more and hike to the peak not only half of it (especially bukit larut never reach the top. Booo)

4. Travel More (Within Malaysia & overseas)

5. Eat healthier

6. Read more

7. Pay PTPTN on monthly basis

8. Blogs more

9. To start making youtube video (Will think about this)

10. Drink at least 2L PER DAY

11. Eat less junk food (By writing this I just finished my potato chips. Blergh)

12. To be more spiritually engaged this year and being istiqamah of doing so

Hurm, what else? I guess that's enough for now. By the time, it will be more. So yeah, I can do this!

Malacca Strait

Taken from heliza helmi's Instagram - 8 Habits for success

1. Read every day

2. Focus on a high-level tasks

3. Make your health a priority

4. Learn from people you admire

5. Plan your day the night before

6. Keep your goals in front of you

7. Take action, even when it's scary

8. Have a powerful and inspiring "why"

Bye 2016 & Welcome 2017 !

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Random Conversation #1

Watak Utama

Cik Lily - Is my mother
Nomi - My youngest sister
Me - Is me obviously

Situasi di dalam kereta baru balik dari tesco. Pergi tesco sebab nak makan je and shopping kecil-kecilan. Shopping barang nk buat macaroni cheese je.

Cik Lily : Dulu orang dulu-dulu selalu dok buat lawak yg tak lawak pun. Orang dulu-dulu lah..

Me : Lawak apa?

Cik Lily : Lembu kalau tak lalu makan deme suruh bagi pakai spek hijau.

Nomi : ??? (Blurred)

Me : Heh, apasal?

Cik Lily : Bila pakai spek hijau, lembu tu nampak hijau je lah, die nampak macam rumput je semua. Rumput kan hijau.

Me : Hahahaha..Lawak lah mak yg ni..Hahahhahah

Nomi : *Gelak tak ingat dunia*

Cik Lily : Oh lawak ke?..heheh.. Lawak bodoh je nih. Orang yg bagi lawak tuh pun bodoh-bodoh gak. haha

Me & Nomi : LOL

And then we reached home. The End.

This is mak with her ukiran tembikai

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Hang out with best friend on christmas holiday at Penang!


Normally on friday, if I don't have any plan I will straight away go back to Taiping. But since this week Malaysia have a long weekend due to extra one day in lieu for christmas holiday, me and my best friend Aisyu have planned to hang out together. We haven't seen each other quite sometime eventhough she live at the mainland (Penang also) and I in the other hand stay at the island. Yup just a gap of a bridge! Lol! Last time we met was at Bella's wedding at Melaka, around 4 or 5 month ago I guess? 

Ok before I proceed any further, let me tell just a little bit about Aisyu. She is taller than me a bit only like a few centimetre from me. Weight, hurm let's not talk about it (Haha). She has a curly and long hair and her hair is not that strong that she left it everywhere.Joking!. She always nagging like grandma (membebel like mak nenek) and she always full of herself. She will laugh even for the 'not so funny moment' when her stomach is full of foods and she's quite lazy and annoying at most of the times! Naaayyy she never get angry with me because she still pretty and cute and she knows that. Erm, right? See! This is the sincerest compliment that I can give. Lol. But nevertheless, she still one of my best friends that I have as she always laugh at my jokes! Haha!

Ok this is Aisyu
Ok enough about Aisyu. So on this day, I just chilled at home after worked waited for Aisyu to come to Bayan Baru to where I lived. She took ferry and bus to come to island. So, it takes quite some time with all the traffic due to christmas holiday. She arrived around 9 pm and I just picked her up at Sunshine Bayan Baru, then straight to find food! We decided to eat at Nurul Ikan Bakar (Nurul Grilled Fish Restaurant) located at Gelugor, Penang. They serves Grilled Fishes and Seafoods. And so, we ordered white rice, sea bass grilled, mixed tom yam, fried with flour squids (sotong goreng tepung), kailan salted fish (kailan ikan masin) and watermelon juice! By the way kailan is a type of vegetables. Since it's a holiday, there's so many people at the restaurant and we getting hungry and angry at the same time waiting for the foods! But I would say that the service was quite fast considering that a LOT of people there. Recommended if you want to bring family and do a gathering here. 


After our stomach is happy and no longer singing asking for foods, we happily move on to the next location. And we decided to take a look at Pesta Pulau Pinang located at Sungai Nibong. Pesta Pulau Pinang is an annual event during a year end and school holidays, that offers a variety exhibitions, food stalls, entertainment and etc. The parking fee is MYR 5 per entry. The entrance fee to Pesta Pulau Pinang is MYR 3 for adults. All the activities inside, everything you need to pay. So me and aisyu just take a walk and take pictures only with all the light decorations and stuff. There's too many people, so its either you wait for your turn or just take pictures with everyone (strangers) inside. I think its going to be my first and last time been there. Not my type of places to go. Sorry!


We woke up quite early and I just played with my phone to make me awake. Or else I might fall back to sleep. The temptation to do so is very high. But, we need to keep going. We took a shower and get ready for a movie today. Aisyu managed to get some breakfast, the bread that she brought yesterday and the cereal that I have at home. Me? No time. Don't know why. Lol!

Actually I planned to get some roti canai for breakfast but then Aisyu said better eat something else because later on we going to have a cheese naan from mamak restaurant also. So, instead we go to mamak again, we decided to eat breakfast at Oldtown White Coffee. After we keep amending the orders, I have decided to eat Pratha with sardine fillings with iced chocolate for a drink. While Aisyu had some Nasi lemak, bread with butter and kaya and iced white coffee for a drink. We used the third paper for the final order! But surprisingly the portion is quite small for US. Hiks!

Cannot decide what to eat!

Breakfast done! Then its movie time! We went to Queensbay Mall and watched 'First Born' movie. And its quite ironic and a bit sad because our popcorn (BIG size) has dropped almost 95% on the floor when the movie is NOT even started! Erm, I dropped it. Haha. Still on the advertising part and we have lost our popcorn to munch for a movie. Sigh!

By the way, the movie is quite boring. I keep yawning and keep confusing of the story line. Maybe because NO POCORN to eat. Krik Krik Krik.

Old skool posing style

After the boring movie, we just walk around and did some window shopping. Since its festive day, the decorations all very chrismassy with the fake snow, the fake rendeer and all the fake christmas' stuff. But still, everything just look so pretty and beautiful!

View from 2nd floor or maybe 3rd floor

Finally, we went to Kapitan to have a Cheese Naan! The Kapitan restaurant located just across the road from the mall. Burp!


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tips on How to Excel In a Job Interview

Hello Job seekers!

Relax, keep calm and read my blog! I have a few tips on how to excel an interview. But before that, let me stress here, this is only from my perspectives and based on my experiences. So you guys can take notes and apply it but there is no need to follow exactly 100% what i am going to tell you. Just take what you think is necessary, but as for me I would say that all of the things that I am going to share are important, well at least FOR ME and MYSELF. ;)

Your resume has got you through the door and now it's time for you to sell your skills, your experiences if any, your personality and overall to sell YOURSELF. And in order to present yourself, you need to be WELL PREPARED. Spending time preparing for an interview will increase the confidence and will make you able to answer all of the questions - this will give a good first impressions and show that you know your stuff.

But before that, let me tell you a little bit of my story about my first interview and my first job. Well, yes my first job was coming from my first interview. *Proud* (Rolling eyes). That was my first interview AND I got the job ! Ok enough bragging.

It's a fasting month, I just finished my studies and looking for a job. I mean a real job. So, in a meantime I was helping my neighbour selling chicken rice at Ramadhan Bazaar and been paid for a MYR 20 per day. One day while I was cutting a cucumber or maybe a carrot for a stuffed tofu (yes my neighbour not only selling chicken rice but there's a lot more), I got a call from this one multinational company from a banking line industry. I was very happy like nobody's business that I got a job interview! You know, when you've got called for an interview it's like 70% you will definitely get the job. The other 30% is depends on how well you perform in your interview session.

I do not want to tell the rest of the journey on how I got the job. But I do want to share some tips on how to excel in interview session. Again I repeat, this is merely based on my experiences and it might worked for me, but might not worked with the others.


1. Do Not forget to bring your Resume or Profile. And of course bring along all of your certificates & slip results as well. Put all together in a simple & elegant file. I mean the file should not be so fancy la ok?

2. Clothes. Do not wear jeans. Please get something formal to wear. Blouse, Baju kurung, baju kebaya & etc. Shoes if possible wear something higher a bit. 1 to 2 inch heels is good enough. Just to look more sophisticated. AND sexy is a NO NO NO unless if you apply for a pub's job..Err

3. Do some research about the company because employer might want to see whether you really interested to work with the company. So, whenever they ask you about the company, you can answer it like a finger picking!

4. The most important things while attending an interview is, just be CONFIDENT! Confident is the key and don't forget to be yourself!

5. BUT please do not over confident *wink*

6. Keep calm and answer all of the questions

7. Recite a Bismillah or calming heart du'a

8. Can recite zikr also to soften the interviewer heart to accept you as the employee

9. But again the most important thing just be confident!

10. Do not tell lies

11. Effort is there, now just pray to God

12. After pray to God, then just accept whatever God has planned for you. Allah knows best!

Ok that's all that I can recall. Good luck! :)

That's me photographer of the day, got that job without interview. LOL

Friday, 16 December 2016

Malacca - Bella's Wedding & Visits (Photos)

The photos taken by me at Malacca. Hashtag throwback, when me and my friends went to Malacca to attend Bella's wedding. Bella is our friend. I am not a professional and still brushing up my photography skills. The photos are still virgin, please don't get me wrong. What I mean is I did not do any editing with all of these photos. Will do when I have time (erm). But as for now, here are some of the photos and memories that I have created with my friends. Feeling grateful & I love them!

Last but not least Congratulation Bella (pssst on your pregnancy) !!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

[WORK] Chapter 1 - Introduction

Work. Go to work then go back from work. Sleep. Wake up from sleep to go to work. When work finished can go back home from work. And the cycle continue from MonNAY to FriYAY. Worst part when the cycle keep on moving even on weekend ie on Saturday AND Sunday. What a pity! What a life!

This is a stories about WORK. Stories about LIFE. Not a typical love novel stories that has been created from the author's imagination which is sometimes is not real and way too cheesy to be relate with our daily life. But this is a fact that we can see and may be experienced it ourself. This is a realistic stories about life. Realistic here means when you read the stories from this series, indirectly it will stab to your heart that YOU actually gone through exactly the same things! Because, this is our stories. Stories about life.

To be continued...

Sugar to kick off the day!